Friday, May 24, 2019

Even More Blessings

In my previous post I talked about how happy I was that the severe nerve pain in my neck was relieved by a prescription from my neurosurgeon.

Now I need to write about how I am doubly blessed. Back in August 2017 I stepped on something small that went up into the ball of my foot. It was painful. It bled. I couldn't see anything in the wound. The doctor couldn't see anything in the wound either and doubled that it would show up on an Xray unless it was metal - in which case we would be able to see it ourselves.

So... nothing to do but to wait for it to come out on its own.

It hurt everyday. It was especially bad if I tried to use my treadmill. It acted up if I mowed the lawn. It throbbed by the end of the day each Sunday after I was wearing dress shoes and was on my feet all day.

I limped. I walked on the outside edge of my foot and scrunched up my toes to take pressure off the ball of my foot. Any misstep and I would have a sharp pain in my foot. I was reminded everyday for eight long months.

FINALLY, it began to come out. First it formed a pustule on the bottom of my foot that burst. After that I kept a bandaid with drawing salve on it. Lo and Behold! After about two weeks I felt something rough at the edge of the hole that had formed from he broken pustule. When I looked at it, I saw it glint and I was able to pick it out.

INSTANT RELIEF!  Praise the Lord!  That was the end of that sad saga. Now I have my foot back. No more limping. No more excuses to stay off the treatmill. Hallelujah!!

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