Friday, March 11, 2016

What Kind Of Savior?

It is hard to forget that the 2016 presidential election is in full swing. The polarization of America between left and right has never been more evident.

On the far left is Bernie Sanders, a self-styled "Democratic-Socialist" who is doing very well with young adults who presumably do not remember the socialists of the past century. Bernie is pulling Hillary Clinton to the left... but she was already pretty far left to start. Either one of these candidates will, if elected, shift the balance of the Supreme Court to the point where the constitution and bill of rights are completely meaningless and "constitutional" will only mean "the current cultural prejudice of progressive theory."

The candidate most popular with the people on the far right is Donald Trump. I cannot say that Mr. Trump is himself on the far right, because all of his extreme conservative positions are completely opposite of his historic positions on the same issues. He is, at best, a political opportunist, capitalizing on the anger and frustration of conservative Americans who are sick of having been force fed progressive social dogma over the past generation.

What do we know about the character of this man? He is a narcissist, a blowhard, immoral, unfaithful, violent, bigoted, misogynistic, dictatorial, obscene and arrogant. And the so called "evangelicals" are evidently voting for him in the primaries. So Mr. Trump is not even a standard bearer for a position. He is only a mirror reflecting a seething rage among millions of Americans who feel disenfranchised. Will he accomplish anything good if he becomes president?

Who should we vote for? You will need to decide for yourself.

Against this "black-drop" of decay, think about Jesus Christ - the Savior of the World.

Sinless Savior. Loving God. Humble and Meek. The Righteous Judge. Exalted to the right hand of the Father. Glorious in majesty.

Jesus is our hope - our only hope.

I fully expect America to continue its descent into the moral abyss, no matter who is elected. Communities will become increasingly lawless and impossible to police. Vigilante justice will result in shootings and lynchings. Polarization will increase. Despair will be the norm.

But Jesus will stand as a bright light - a beacon of hope - a ray of sunshine - inviting people to come to him for transformation - sins forgiven - new hearts for God - new hope for life everlasting.