Monday, November 19, 2012

A Three Day Work Week?

I read a friend's post and she was thankful that this was a three day work-week. I can understand that.

But the situation is kind of backwards for a pastor. For me there are just as many messages and lessons to prepare (actually a bit more), but because of extra events there is less time to give to the work of preparing them. :-)

That's perfectly good. I like the holiday celebrations. Getting together with people for meals and celebrations far better than being sequestered away in my study like a hermit in a cave. Instead of being thankful for less work, I am thankful for extra opportunities to be with people.

After all, ministry is about people, not about paper. Better to prepare less and spend time with people than to prepare more, and miss the opportunities for sharing life with people.

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Good Nagging

This is my new coaster...

My talented daughter made me this cup rug for Christmas! She knows I love to make a nice cup of coffee and sit here - particularly while I have my morning devotions.

But it is also possible to sit here and do unproductive things, like read all the articles about the political race that is over today. For that reason, this cup rug has a couple of features that help me out. For one thing, the yellow fabric has all sorts of clocks on it. The brown fabric on the back has a big cuckoo clock too. And the panel at the bottom has an important Bible verse that reminds me to be careful how I spend my time.

Can you read it? A prize to the first who can!

Now I need to get to work!

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