Monday, September 30, 2013

Reflections On Being Sick

I had a cold this weekend.

Actually, I've had it for a while, but it got bad this weekend - just in time to interfere with my preaching and teaching ministry on Sunday. I coughed until my sides ached. On Saturday I had to have tissues with me everywhere I went because my nose ran like a faucet.

I prepared for a very difficult Sunday. A handkerchief in my back pocket. A pack of tissues in my suit pocket. Cough drops in my other pocket. A flat of water bottles in the base of the pulpit.

I figured it would be bad.

But then God smiled on me. By church on Sunday my cough was pretty much controlled and my nose had dried up. I had one brief coughing spell - but just one - during the course of my sermon. I took just one drink of water. I used just one cough drop. And the message went forward with minimal distraction from my cold.

Praise the Lord.

I pray that God will do the same and even more with my myelofibrosis. I don't want it to distract from ministry. If anything, I want to see it intensify ministry and cause God to be glorified in even greater ways.

May Jesus Christ be praised!

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