Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Everyone is gay...

I was reflecting on the American preoccupation with whether or not people are gay (or lesbian, bisexual or straight). The LGBT lobby has control of the debate by insisting that sexual identity is an essential aspect of a person's being. It is who they are and so it is on a par with skin color or gender.

So I concluded that everyone is gay.

According to LGBT thought, if a person is sexually attracted only to the opposite sex he/she is heterosexual. If the person is sexually attracted to both the opposite sex and the same sex he/she is bisexual. If the person is sexually attracted only to the same sex he/she is homosexual (i.e., gay/lesbian).

To summarize this bluntly, people are defined by what they are aroused by. Erotic fantasies are orientation and that leads to action and that is the basis for sexual identity. The libido leads the ego, with more or less struggle from the superego. One person is heterosexual. Another is homosexual. What is the difference?

Well, that is my point exactly! What is the difference? If your sexual identity is determined by your erotic feelings, how could it make any difference if you are heterosexual or homosexual or bisexual? The basic guideline for all is, "Do what you feel like doing!"

Indeed: "If it feels good do it. It is who you are! Why should you care what anyone else thinks? Hold up your head and show your pride!"

This started by equating sexual stimulation with love. If you were sexually attracted to someone you said you loved them. But if those feelings faded and you had more sexual attraction to another person, you must have fallen out of love with the first person and into love with the next. If this is the basis of love, what difference does it make what or who is the object of that "love?"

Our culture tells us what physical characteristics are attractive and what relationships and behaviors are permissible. Our contrarian anti-authority nature might then find even more stimulation in going beyond the taboos to find stimulation outside the culture's "normal" boundaries. Various kinds of visual and literary pornography cater to virtually every sexual fantasy that can be imagined.

There is no real difference between someone who is identified by his heterosexual attractions and a person who is identified by his homosexual attractions. If a person really lives by and identifies himself by his erotic feelings, one identity is no better or worse than another. In that sense EVERYONE (that is defined by his or her erotic feelings) IS GAY.

But the biblical perspective is quite different. From a biblical perspective, nobody is "gay."

More on this later.

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