Monday, May 14, 2012

Mr. Fix-it Strikes Again

Did you know that there are four contacts inside a phone jack?

I knew that...

Did you know that if you hook the CAT-5 wire to the wrong combination of contacts, it will still (mostly) work when you plug in your modem?

I didn't know that!

But I did wonder why the direct line I put in from the terminal to the phone jack only provided a mediocre and temperamental internet connection. Hmmm... Where did I put those directions from the technician who told me how to do this?

Well, I couldn't find the paper. It must be around here somewhere... But I finally got fed up with the mediocrity and decided to try a change.


The switched wire almost doubled my upload speed... everything seems to be working much better. No more mediocrity - no more temperamental faults.

So, Mr. Fixit did a great job... except that it took a month for me to get it right.


I'm off to rewire an electrical outlet.  Hope this works the first time.


Bobbi said...

All I could think was...ZAP! careful Mr. Fixit...I like you untoasted!

Pastor D said...

No worries... Have I ever electrocuted myself before?

heather said...

Way To Go Mr. FixIt :)