Wednesday, February 8, 2012


I've been trying to get back into a routine of exercise.

You know the old saying, "a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step? The same truth can be applied to exercise. A "routine" of exercise implies that it is something I will do with regularity. But before I can have a routine I must exercise the first day.

Getting started is hard. Since I was out of the habit of exercising, I needed to reorganize my morning schedule to fit in time for exercise. Since we have moved to a new home since I last had a habit of exercise, I also had to put together my equipment and find my exercise clothes.

Finally, I had no more excuses for procrastination and I got started, but had to start at a lower level than I had left off... And that's discouraging. But I did get started one morning last month.

My goal is to exercise three days a week.  That is the routine I desire.  But I have had interruptions. Special errands to run, meetings to attend, work to finish... So far, some weeks I only exercised one morning and others I exercised two. I have yet to exercise three in one week.

But this is how it starts. I am on my way. Eventually I will exercise three days in one week.  After that I will string several of those weeks together. Finally I will be in a routine of exercise.

It is the same with diets and devotions and memorization and pretty much everything else.

Waiting until everything is perfect is a sure way to keep from starting.

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