Friday, January 6, 2012

Sense of Humor

How is your sense of humor?

I worry that mine is overactive. Too often I see humor in things that nobody else sees. Sometimes, even in very serious settings, I am tempted to crack a joke or giggle about something that was said. (Fortunately, I've gained in the self control department over the years.)

I think humor is related to irony and I LOVE irony. But you have to be careful about pointing out irony at the expense of the person who is being ironic. Satire and Sarcasm can be hilarious, but at whose expense?

The other day I was standing on a ladder with my head partly between two 2x4's in the ceiling while I tried to nail another cross piece in place. I banged my head on the 2x4 in front of me and jerked back so that I banged my head on the one behind me, then jerked forward to bang into the front one again! Bang, bang, bang went my head - and it hurt. It was so much like a bell clapper that I laughed out loud!

I figure it was OK to laugh at myself - but it wouldn't have been good to laugh at someone else in the same situation.

For that matter it is good to be able laugh at yourself and unhealthy when you take yourself too seriously.  I notice that when people are tired or stressed, they tend to lose their sense of humor.  They become touchy - easily offended. It is best to be careful not to make jokes to people who are in that mood. You might get an unexpected outburst of unhappiness all over you.

My advice? Take joy in laughing at yourself and in the many absurdities and ironies of life. But be very careful about pointing out those ironies and absurdities to people whose sense of humor might be broken.

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