Tuesday, November 1, 2011


We like the idea of magic.  Give me three wishes.  Give me a magic potion, a magic wand, a magic word.

Isn't this the appeal of many advertisements?  Slice and dice your vegetables!  Lose weight!  Grow hair!  Get rid of hair!  Flatten your abs!  Cook perfect omelets!

Whatever it is, it works like magic!  Perfect results every time!  Never needs sharpening!  Takes just pennies a day!  No salesperson will call!  Visible results in just thirty days or your money back!  Call now!

Magic is so appealing that we are all at risk of this kind of thinking.  We want great results, but we don't want to do the hard work it takes.  We don't want to make a real commitment.  We don't want to feel any pain.  We don't want to sacrifice any pleasure.  We don't want to pay any significant cost.

We think there must be a pill, or a tool, or a book, or a program, or a person, or a seminar that we can purchase for just pennies a day...  Somehow - somewhere - there must be a magic answer to all of my problems.

So people are searching.  And they will keep searching... for something that will magically satisfy all of their problems and fulfill all of their dreams.

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