Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Fixed To Death

This clock was in bad shape when I found it.  The glass was missing from the bezel.  The clock didn't run.  The chimes didn't work.  The hands were twisted and jammed.

So I fixed it.

I got it running.  I got the chimes working.  I bought replacement glass for the bezel.  I put it on a shelf in my office and enjoyed hearing it chime every quarter hour.

I was delighted!  This clock was a major victory!

But I wasn't satisfied.  Every so often I would try to tweak something or another.  I got it to keep time more accurately.  I fixed the latch in the back.

But there was still something else and I thought I needed to take the works out of the case one more time.  Unfortunately, when I was working to get the hour hand loose, I pulled too hard and some of the pins let loose in the mechanism.  Teeth were sheared from the gears!  The clock was dead for good!


The perils of perseveration.

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Bobbi said...

Whoa...I actually read that last sentence three times before looking up perseverance...not a word you hear every day! That wasn't MY clock that you broke was it??? Hehehe!