Friday, October 7, 2011

Climate Change & Modernity/Postmodernity

"It's one thing when people disagree on the effectiveness of different approaches to fix a problem; it's worse when they refuse even to believe that a problem exists — despite an overwhelming scientific consensus that says it does. One of America's major political parties has, in effect, adopted denial as policy. How did we get here?"

The quote above is from an article by Bryan Walsh in "Time" entitled, "Why Climate-Change Denial is So Powerful."  You can read if for yourself, but the gist of it is that most scientists agree that we have a climate-change problem created by human beings, but people are denying it because of the extreme propaganda blitz funded by big oil and big business.

It is fitting that Bryan Walsh and others would be stunned that anyone could disagree with SCIENCE!  Science in our world is seen in the naturalism & materialism of our age as the only trustworthy arbiter of truth.  Everyone should bow in worship of the "overwhelming scientific consensus."

But what Mr. Walsh is missing is that the same worldview that gives us Scientism also robs us of anything beyond our life in this world.

In the naturalistic, materialistic worldview of scientism everything is determined.  There is no such thing as free will.  You do what you were programmed to do.  Your "decisions" are an illusion.  Beyond this, (according to naturalism) there is no life beyond this one.  There is no higher authority to whom we will give an account.  There is no reward and no punishment.  When you die - you are just gone.

Under these circumstances, why should anyone worry about the effects of their decisions on future generations?  Life has no purpose.  There is no morality.  How can you say my actions are good or evil?  Why should you get rid of your big comfortable car on the chance that it might make a difference to a future generation that might or might not exist?

Perhaps some companies did put money into propaganda about climate-change.  But I don't think that is the deciding factor.  (The other side does the same thing.)  I think that people are living according to the worldview that scientism has pushed off on them.

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