Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Chasing Rabbits


There is a rabbit in this picture.  Can you see it?  Tiny is willing to chase rabbits - even anxious to chase rabbits. But since he only sees in black and white - he cannot see the rabbit unless it moves.

He looks kind of sheepish here because he didn't find the rabbit when I told him it was there.  He ran out into the yard and looked everywhere but where the rabbit was.  He got to within about six feet of this rabbit - and STILL didn't see it.
At that point he spotted a different rabbit and ran after it.  (He didn't run very fast, though.  He has an agreement with the rabbits not to actually catch them.)

 I called to him with instructions about where to find the first rabbit, but he didn't understand.  He kept looking, but he never did see it.  Poor Tiny.

He wants to please me.  He felt guilty that he couldn't spot the rabbit.

 After he came back to the porch he kept looking for the other rabbit.  He knew he had missed it.  He kept looking and looking.

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