Tuesday, May 17, 2011


I don't watch much TV.  We got rid of TV back in 1985 and now we only see it when we are staying in a hotel or at someone else's house.

Last Friday, my wife and I were at a hotel and were able to catch a glimpse of the wave of Reality TV.


This is popular????

Why on earth do they call this "Reality" TV?  If anything, it is sheer FANTASY.  What I saw was so unbelievably fake I could hardly stand it.

A young couple with four children wrestles with the difficult decision of which vacation home to buy in Fiji.  Their budget is limited to a half million dollars.  (What does this guy do for a living?)  The struggle is agonizing, but they somehow muddle through and settle for a $450,000.00 property.  Which will be perfect once they do a little work on the railings and add several thousand dollars in new furniture.  After the purchase they also come back to Fiji (again without the kids) to initiate the place with a huge party - at which the Fijians welcome them with traditional drinks and dance.  No doubt.

Reality?  You must be kidding, right?

I only saw ads for "Real Housewives."  I am very glad I didn't see more.  From the sound of it, they could better call it, "Real Fishwives."  That would fit with the shrieking and slandering that are evidently a big part of the dialogue.  Otherwise, REAL has no place in the title unless you are referring to the work of their plastic surgeons and hair stlylists.


I watched a little bit of a cooking contest show where teams of chefs cook for celebrity food critics and a rock band in a sad RV kitchen.  Then they come in to be grilled by the panel about their cooking.  Nothing about that is real.  Wouldn't you rather have a REAL job?  But instead you can make money allowing yourself to be embarrassed on national TV!  I guess money is money.

I did enjoy some REAL cooking shows where celebrity chefs cook at home.  There you might learn something about cooking.  (I did learn that you should not add the garlic to the hot oil - because it will get burned.  Add the garlic later.)  The food looked great!

I also watched "House."  House wasn't at all real either, but it isn't called a reality show.  Nevertheless, it had an interesting story line.  It was frustrating that I could not rewind to catch things I missed (like on a DVD.)  It was also maddening that after five minutes of the show you had to endure five minutes of terrible commercials.

We won't be subscribing to cable anytime soon.

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