Friday, February 25, 2011

What is your life?

My son's car after a collision on 02/24/2011.  He had been traveling north (left to right) through the intersection you see behind his car.  Another car turned left in front of him.  Both cars are totaled.  Neither driver had serious injuries.  Praise the Lord!
In my last post (02/22/2011) I said that I "let my son die" each morning when I yield him to God's perfect will.  Yesterday evening we had a reminder of how suddenly things can happen.  David was driving up the street, just a few blocks from the house, when a man suddenly turned left in front of him.  Both cars were severely damaged and ended up in the side street.  Neither driver was hurt.

Praise God!  Praise God nobody was hurt.  Praise Him for the airbag that caught David  before he could hit the steering wheel.  Praise God nobody was in the Honda's passenger seat!  Praise God that both cars stopped short of the car waiting at the stop line in 4th street.  Praise God that both cars had insurance - good insurance - State Farm insurance.

We place our lives in God's hands.  We should not be deluded that we are in control.  But God, Who is very much in control, is good and merciful - no matter what challenges He allows in our lives.

Go with God.


Bobbi said...

Whoa...yeah...So glad he's okay...nothing like putting your principles into practice, eh? I was gonna say, "money where your mouth is" but that has never made sense to me...who would eat money? HA!

Pastor D said...

"Principles into Practice" is probably better... though the other means pretty much the same thing... "Talk is Cheap."

Irv Cobb said...