Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Storms of Life

Sometimes we sail through friendly seas.  The sun is bright, the dolphins play, the wind fills our sails and the water bubbles at our bow.

At other times we are in the storm.  The clouds are dark and huge waves break over the ship.  The deck is awash.  The wind shrieks through the rigging. The ship pitches and rolls.

What can you do?  You can't change the weather.  You can't ignore it.

1) Lash yourself to the mast - or at least to something that will not be washed overboard.  If you give up your ship will be lost - and you with it.  In the storm, keep on trying.  Be faithful.

2) Keep some sail on so you can make enough headway to steer.  You may not be able to go where you want or as fast as you want, but it is important to do what you CAN.  In the storm, keep on going.  Persevere.

3) Steer into the waves so you ride up and over.  Don't get caught sideways in the trough where the waves can capsize you.  In the storm, pay attention.  Be diligent.

4) Fix your eyes on the compass.  It is easy to become disoriented.  Even in the storm the compass points North and you can keep from running aground.  In the storm, avoid rocks.  Be humble.

5) Pump out the bilge.  You are bound to take on water.  Don't let it just fill you up and swamp you.  In the storm, keep bailing.  Don't become bitter.

As followers of Christ we still face the storms of life, but we don't need to be lost at sea.

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Anonymous said...

Thank you for the reminder and call to faithfulness. And thank you for your faithfulness to God and me! I love you, honey. Lola