Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Excitement On Rainy Days

It has been a rainy day all day today. But even rainy days can be exciting.

The first excitement was when my grandchildren (aged almost 3 and almost 5) were watching our miniature poodle, Tiny, take his morning constitutional in the back yard. It had just started to rain and suddenly there was a flash. (I actually turned to see if my daughter was taking a picture!) Then BOOM! The thunder rolled, the children squealed and the dog ran back to the house.

The next excitement was that on a rainy Wednesday morning a young couple brought their three young daughters (ages 7, 6, and 4) to church. They had misread the sign. We don't have services on Wednesday mornings. The four year old was especially disappointed. She was ready for CHURCH! But we gave them the tour, showed them the auditorium and the classrooms where the kids would have Sunday School and Junior Church. They looked at the bright Vacation Bible School decorations and got excited about that. It was a rainy day, but their visit was a bright spot.

The final excitement was when I went over to the parsonage for some coffee this afternoon. At that point it was raining hard. I went out on the back porch and realized my downspout was clogged (again.) A waterfall was spilling from the gutter next to the porch with a roar like Niagara Falls. So I got my rain coat and my ladder and climbed up in the rain to open the gutter. I was amazed at the large volume of water that continued to flow down the spout for several minutes after I cleared the plug. (I was already wet - so I might as well stay there and observe for a few minutes.) I was comforted to see that the plug was due to the big seed pods of the silver maples - the trees that were taken down two weeks ago. Perhaps we will be spared from future floods of this sort.

Is that all of our excitement for the day? I don't know. But I know that God is in my life. He will provide everything I need. Everything that comes will ultimately accomplish His good purposes.

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