Thursday, May 13, 2010

Home Sick

Where do you draw the line for, "I'm too sick to work?" In my family we are usually pretty stoic. Why waste a perfectly good sick day being sick?

Well, I'm sick at home today. Otherwise I would be at a day long meeting an hour and a half from home instead of sitting here writing this blog entry. I started feeling this cold coming when I got up on Monday and it has gotten progressively worse each day. I worked through it - Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. I fully intended to work through it today as well, but I finally surrendered.

Are we workaholics? Do we have an overdeveloped sense of duty? Are we pridefully deluded that we are indispensable? I think it is none of the above.

Actually, I was so sick that I couldn't find the time to get ready to leave for the meeting. I envisioned myself sitting there with my colleagues - sneezing and sniffing in the car on the trip down, surrounded by used tissues in the meeting and making frequent trips to the men's room. I realized that I would be too preoccupied to be of much help. Besides that, it is not very nice to share something like this cold if it can be avoided.

I am not a real workaholic - but I like my work. Taking a day off usually means I will be behind schedule. Praise the Lord! Today I will miss the meeting, but actually not miss any of my regularly scheduled work! In fact, I have already done work that I thought I couldn't get to until tomorrow. Besides that, I took a nap, counseled someone over the phone, checked on someone else by phone, cut my son's hair and read a book! Now I'm even finding time to write in my long neglected blog.

God is good. He is using even my cold to bless me! Praise the Lord!

Now I think I'll take another nap...

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Bobbi said...

Um, you DON'T think it's any of the above? Ever?? Good for you...cuz I think many (maybe most) people do indeed fail to take true sick days for those reasons...and I guess you can thank them...cuz they help keep the cycle of sickness going.