Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Bountiful Blessings

Today I am leaving home for a training seminar near Harrisburg, PA. Consequently I am completely confused. My routine is completely out of whack. I am supposed to be getting things ready to go... and I suppose I am except for taking this time to write this blog.

What I hate is the feeling of forgetting things. I make notes and lists and lay things out. But I am still concerned about the thing that I might have forgotten to write down or list or lay out. Those are the things you remember after you have driven 5 hours. Oops!

But, praise the Lord! It is a beautiful sunshiny morning. I thought it was supposed to rain, but I am not disappointed.

Praise the Lord that I have time to get things in order and into my truck for the trip. I have time to go and vote. I have time to finish a few odds and ends of work before I hit the road.

Praise the Lord that I get to go to the training. It is sure to be stimulating. I will also have fellowship with some new people and some that I know, but rarely see.

Praise the Lord for computers and cell phones and e-mail. Even though I am out of the office for most of a week, I will be able to stay in touch and get my work done in the evenings. While I don't like everything about the proliferation of cell phones - I sure do like begin able to stay in touch with my loved ones while I am away from home.

Praise the Lord!


Bobbi said...

And hopefully, your crazy daughter will remember you're away and not call the aforementioned cell phone during your seminars, right? HA!

Pastor D said...

Actually, I tried to call my crazy daughter three times while I was on my way here - but just got her voice mail! Never-the-less, I made it safe and relatively sound. What a long trip it is!