Friday, August 14, 2009

Facebook, Worms and Blogging

I just followed my daughter's example and took down my Facebook page. I had a few people that used Facebook to communicate with me, but by and large it was a weird conglomeration of wall to wall notes from people I don't even know. Then one of my friends got worms - or something like that. I decided it was time to dump it before I got worms too.

Time to get back to writing blogs more frequently. I know I have been very irregular for a long while, but I want to get back at it. Blogging is writing and writing makes me think and thinking is good. It helps if people send me questions, but if not, I will make up my own questions.

Go ahead - ask any old question and I will give it a whirl. I am thinking especially about those pastoral or theological or philosophical questions that are out there... The meaning of life, the importance of flossing, the relationship of the health care debate to the Christian Gospel... stuff like that.

So, from now on I will do at least a couple of blogs a week. I promise! Check back soon.

1 comment:

MomE said...

Yeah! I'm so glad...I was feeling lonely...thinking without you! HAhaha...I mean blogging without you!