Friday, May 1, 2009

Mundane Faithfulness

While we dislike crises, they are often the times when our relationship with God is strengthened. In a crisis we are focused and we more easily come to the end of our supposed self sufficiency. In the crisis we either throw ourselves into the arms of God and rely on Him, or we collapse. In the crisis our faith is clarified and made obvious.

But we don't want to pray for crises, do we? We know we are NOT heroes. The crisis doesn't show our ability to cope - but the ability of our God to sustain us.

What about depending on God in the mundane circumstances of everyday life without any big crisis? A crisis is dramatic. A crisis is intense, but doesn't last forever. Sometimes we are deceived into thinking that we can handle everyday life in our own strength. We might think we especially need God in a crisis, but that we need Him less in normal routines.

In fact, we are helpless and hopeless apart from God in every circumstance. Our very existence depends on God. Without Him we can do NOTHING!

Don't dream about being a hero of the faith in some crisis. Rather, be faithful in complete dependence on God through every step and duty of every day. Give God praise for everything you accomplish today - because without Him - you can do nothing.

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