Friday, May 22, 2009

Catch Up Work

The problem with getting behind in your work is that getting caught up is harder than doing the work on time. The work itself is the same, but if you are clearing away a backlog of work - you have more than a normal amount of work to do (you still have your normal work) AND when you get it all done you will not be ahead - you will be even at best.

I've been working on getting the last few weeks of sermons posted to my web page. I hadn't posted anything since last month so I had about six messages to find, edit and upload. It is sheer drudgery - best taken in small doses. It is one thing to do two messages a week. It is another thing to do six messages in one day.

But, praise the Lord - my other work is caught up and I have the time to do this.

The lesson is, don't let yourself get so far behind on something that you know you are going to need to do eventually.

After this I need to go home and clean up the huge mess I've made over the past six months in my room. I should hire an archaeologist... and maybe a dumpster. I don't wanna! But I promised my sweet wife.

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