Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Police Chase

Excitement right here in Canton!

When I came out of the house with the teens after our Wednesday meeting, it was like a police show. A line of police cars came up the street with lights and sirens. A man ran through the yard across the street and was soon followed by the police.

I stood there like a movie extra and said, "He went that way!"

We had state troopers, Jackson Police, Perry Police and an unmarked police car all in sight. I don't know what they were after this guy for, but they were sure after him...

But I think he got away. The police split up and were driving back and forth through the neighborhood for a while.

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MomE said...

Great...that makes ya feel safe when they don't catch them...So, do you love living in the city? Darren and I were commenting on the increase in sirens lately...or maybe we're just outside more to notice them...ha!