Thursday, April 23, 2009


I was thinking again of how important it is to have goals.

If it were not a goal to read through the Bible every year, I wouldn't do the little bit each day that gets me through in a year. If it were not a goal to spend an hour in prayer every day, I would probably spend that hour sleeping or reading or surfing the internet.

Goals are what help me shake off my normal inertia so that I put energy into doing the things that are important, but not urgent.

Urgent things take care of themselves because they are URGENT. Everything else that is important requires specific goals or it vanishes from the radar screen of life. We are self indulgent. We give in to sleep and slumber - to mindless amusements - to whatever is easiest at the moment.

Set some goals. Do something truly worthwhile everyday. Do something that matters for eternity.

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