Monday, April 13, 2009

Busy, busy, busy

I remember fondly when I thought I could write a daily blog. Now I am doing well to write a weekly blog - and weakly at that.

I was wondering why I've been feeling so swamped. I have been struggling to get the basics done on time. I've been just squeaking by on my deadlines with all of my work. I wondered if I was too old to keep up the pace.

Then I started pulling paperwork out of the pile on my desk so I could organize my board report. The truth is, I've had several extra things going on recently!

Normal work includes:
  • Sunday morning sermons
  • Sunday evening sermons
  • Writing a Sunday School curriculum
  • Counseling & Discipleship meetings
In addition I've been:
  • Teaching two sections of a membership class for the past six weeks
  • Trying to take care of some confusion in my W-2s so I could file my taxes
  • Planning an Easter service that included testimonies, a business session and 5 baptisms
  • Ordering materials and planning for the new quarter of adult Sunday School
So, no wonder I've been feeling extra busy. I was. But now, the membership classes are over for now. The taxes are filed. The Easter service was yesterday (and went great). The materials are here for SS and the classes have all started.

Praise the Lord! We are back to our normally busy routine. (But I do have a little catching up to do.) There is always plenty to do, that's for sure.

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