Monday, March 9, 2009

Praise God!

It has been a while since my last post. I have many excuses/reasons. I'll try to turn them into praise!

Last post was Feb 25. Since then...
  • We had a TREMENDOUS missions conference with Joe and Esther Keim and E.C. Haskell!
  • Five people responded to an invitation to make a public profession of faith in Christ.
  • Those same five have started our membership class.
  • My cold finally cleared up! (Now I need another excuse for avoiding my treadmill.)
  • We had a great time hosting guests in our home.
  • I had eight face to face meetings with groups or individuals besides the missions conference and many phone sessions. God is at work in people's lives and in this church.
  • We had a new visitor on Sunday (yesterday) who was very encouraging.
  • We had a blessed time in our communion service on Sunday morning.
We are even 'blessed' to see Satan attacking in various ways. Since God is doing great things - Satan cannot just sit idle and let us off easy. God is on the move and Christ will be glorified.

But it does make it harder to blog.
First things first.

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MomE said...

When you have "time" I'd love to read a more detailed post about the missions conference!! Love ya...and praying for yas!