Monday, February 9, 2009


I am the oldest "youthful adult" who played volleyball tonight. After the first three minutes I was already hurting pretty much all over - with an emphasis on my left hip, my neck and my hands. I was surprised when it was time to quit - I had played five games - what more damage could I have done to myself in one more game? (Beyond death, I mean?)

So, I will be hobbling again this week, no doubt. Was it worth it? I had fun. I got some exercise. Most of my aches and pains will probably heal in time. Perhaps it will help the economy because of the medicine and medical help I will need to buy.

No, it was worth it because it is life. I got to share an hour and a half with my (younger) friends. I praise God for the opportunity. I just pray that my muscles get into better condition soon so that I don't disable myself quite so thoroughly next time.

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