Thursday, February 12, 2009

The Joys Of Illness

We had a lot of people sick with colds and such on Sunday. Sure enough, on Monday my throat began to bother me. Each day it has progressed a little bit farther. Today, I really feel sick - sore throat - insatiable urge to drink V-8 juice - draggy feeling.

But, Praise The Lord!
  • I don't have much of a cough.
  • I can still talk.
  • I don't seem to have a fever.
  • It is a good excuse for taking a nap.
  • It reminds me to appreciate my health when I have it.
  • It is a minor unpleasantness rather than incapacitating problem.
  • It will hopefully be gone before too long.
  • I still got my Thursday deadline duties done!


MomE said...

AND...even though you're grumpy...your kids and grandkids are coming to visit you for the weekend!!! Love you...hope you feel better and don't give it to us!

Pastor D said...

Who says I'm grumpy? Sleepy, maybe, but not grumpy.