Monday, February 23, 2009

Fundraisers At Church

I just got off the phone with the third fundraising coordinator to call today. There must be a Spring rush for fundraising. I don't know how that works. This one was with Honey Baked Hams. It made me hungry, just thinking about it. It sounds delicious.

But we don't do fundraisers at the church. When I tell these fundraising coordinators this, I get the impression that this is unusual. Evidently many churches, and especially church youth groups, get their money through fundraisers. I gather that they use this money for some particular project, like camp or a missions trip.

We don't do fundraisers at the church. We believe that the church members should support the various ministries of the church through freewill offerings. If we need money for some particular project we make the need known and ask people to give toward covering the cost. If we want to help send kids to camp we put a scholarship program into the budget and we are open to special designated gifts toward the program.

So, we don't do fundraisers at the church. We feel that God's own people should give as they feel led. We don't believe we should appeal for funds from people outside the church - people we are trying to reach with the Gospel of Grace. How would we make our appeal? "Would you like to help us with funds? We want the money so that we can reach sinners like you with the message that you are under the wrath of God - that you must repent and call on Jesus for salvation!"

No, we don't do fundraisers at the church. We expect members to tithe 10% of their gross income to the support of our ministry - and many give that and more. Our people are generous. They give a tithe and they give freely beyond their tithe. It seems silly to ask them to give $20 for a ham so that $10 will go to missions. Why not just ask them for $20 for missions?

I praise God for my generous and gracious people. We don't do fundraisers and I am happy to say that we don't need to beg people for money. We let them know where we stand on the budget, week by week, and week by week, people put their offerings into the receptacles at the back of the auditorium. We don't even pass an offering plate. People give. Bills are paid. Needs are met.

Praise the Lord!

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