Thursday, February 19, 2009

The Answer Is Jesus

Whatever the question, the answer is ultimately Jesus.

Why should I endure difficulties and unpleasantness with patience? For Jesus' sake.
How can I have hope in the face of catastrophe and death? Because of Jesus' resurrection.
Why should the church take care to operate according to Bible? For the glory of Jesus!
How should husbands love their wives? Like Jesus loved the Church and gave Himself for her.
How should wives treat their husbands? With the respect that the redeemed have for Jesus.
Why should I live a good, kind, thoughtful, and helpful life? For Jesus' sake and glory.
Why should I hate my sin and leave it behind? Because Jesus died to save me from sin.
How can I live a life of faith? By following Jesus' example of faith in going to the cross.
What will make everything worth the trouble? Seeing Jesus and hearing Him say, "Well done."

Love Jesus. Live for Jesus. Follow Jesus. Keep your eyes on Jesus. It is all about Jesus.

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