Tuesday, January 13, 2009

What's In Your Mail?

In the old Beetle Bailey comic strip, General Halftrack was always expecting that today there would be a letter in the mail from the Pentagon.

I have always been fascinated by the mail. You never know what you might get in the mail. Maybe I will get a check in the mail - an unexpected windfall. Maybe I will be summoned by the government leaders for my wisdom about the current world situation. Maybe today is the day that I will finally receive the recognition or opportunity or satisfaction that I have been longing for.

Let's see... A credit card offer. A book store sale flyer. The dog's license for 2009. A registration packet from AAA. (Haven't they heard of Google Maps?) A coupon from Office Max. A flyer from a company that sells choir robes and vestments. (We don't use vestments in Baptist Churches.) A notice from Verizon Wireless about my opportunities to upgrade my phone (for a fee.) A notice from a Christian Music Publisher. Yet another opportunity for my wife to buy some sort of insurance through the NEA. A packet of coupons and flyers from area businesses. And something from an investment company.

Guess today was not the day to get something great in the mail! (The dog got the best mail today.) Every now and then I really do get something good. On Thursday or Friday I always get a nice letter from my mom.

Once I did get a summons from the government enlisting my assistance. I was a potential juror for the municipal court! (Alas, they canceled for the day I was supposed to show up.)

So what is it that makes me keep dreaming of getting something really life changing in the mail? On the one hand, I suppose it is possible you might get something like that... you never know. On the other hand, it is the dream that keeps the lotteries and scam artists in business. "My big break is just around the corner." "My life is not going to be ordinary and mundane forever... someone will rescue me."

So we wait for the mail. We check the e-mail. We dream our lives away.

Don't do it! If you let yourself be sucked into these dreams you will miss the most important mail you could ever receive... and you won't appreciate its value.

We have already received the mail that we need to lift our lives out of the ordinary. We have God's own word in the Bible. God calls us out of our mundane lives into a personal relationship with Him. We have eternal riches in glory through Christ Jesus. We have meaning and purpose that put new urgency into all of our responsibilities and relationships. We know that someday we will be reporting to someone more important than any president or king - the King of Kings and Lord of Lords Himself - Jesus Christ.

This world's system is corrupt and can never deliver what you really need.
(Matthew 6:33 NKJV) But seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all these things shall be added to you.
Check out your mail from God and you will feel much less concerned about the mail (or lack of mail) you get from the post office.

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