Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Soda Pop!

Do you know the fresh taste from the first sip from a newly opened can of Coke?
Right after you pop the top you can get a sort of citrus scent as you sip.
A little hint of metal taste. A bit of effervescent Coke flavor.

Back before plastic bottles, when glass bottles were bottle capped, there was magic in the first sip. You fished your bottle out of the cooler, wiped it dry, then used the bottle opener on the corner.

Sizzz-Pop! Now don't let the cap drop...

That first sip was special, and with your bottle cap, you could reprise that fresh flavor by tasting the cork liner in the top of the cap. A bit of metal taste. A bit of effervescent Coke flavor - not too sweet. It didn't last for long... just long enough to be worth doing.

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