Monday, December 15, 2008

The Postage Machine

The line at the post office was almost out the door. A line of twenty strangers is attractive... you can always strike up a conversation in a line like that. But the twenty or thirty minute wait wasn't so attractive.

There in the lobby was a machine. It looked like you could use it (and your credit card) to mail your small package. First I watched from my place in line as some other people tried it. On person seemed to struggle, but the next used it to buy stamps. Then another used it to buy stamps.

Emboldened, I took my box over and put it on the built in scale. Sure enough... I was able to weigh it, measure it, certify that it didn't contain any contraband, and buy postage for it right from that machine in a matter of about 3 minutes. It printed a label and I wrote in the rest of the address on it. Then I deposited it in the mailing bin and I was ready to go.

It was great... but not much personal interaction. I made up for it by helping an older lady who wanted to use the machine to figure out and purchase postage for her Christmas mail.

Happy Christmas mailing!

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MomE said...

I'm so glad I'm like you! I love talking to people in those long lines...or at the grocery store! Surprisingly, I don't often find grouches...but genuine surprise and delight that I desire to talk to them! I love people!