Saturday, December 20, 2008

New Wake Up System

If you really want to wake up, try putting your arms over your head and pouring ice water down your sleeves! It works great every time!

During the freezing rainstorm this morning I noticed that my gutters were spilling over and realized that the downspouts had become plugged (again.) So I pulled out my trusty stepladder that is not quite - but almost tall enough. When I put the ladder up against the building and go up to the next step to the top, I can just get my head above the gutter enough to do the work.

But it is cold cold water! My hands became so frozen that I couldn't open my left hand and I couldn't feel anything with either hand. I got thoroughly wet.

But praise the Lord! I cleared two gutters and the third was good without intervention. Praise the Lord that I was able to get them clear. Praise God that I noticed soon enough to minimize flooding in the basement. (We only had a trickle this time.) Praise God that I didn't fall off the ladder in spite of the wet, slippery conditions and the thrashing around I was doing up in the gutter.

I am going to buy a taller ladder.

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