Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Laundry Lesson

We share the laundry responsibility at our house. Saturday is our usual laundry day and we share the duties - gathering, sorting, switching, and folding laundry. Even so, I think we all try to get out of folding the whites load of tube socks and underwear.

Folding the whites load is unexpected.

What ten year old ever dreamed he would one day be folding underwear? This isn't a Hanes commercial. This is real life where the underwear shows its age. Elastic is stretched and frayed. Some things are torn or stained. Some whites are whiter than others. Some socks have holes. Ten year olds worry about cooties - but adults need to get over it.

Folding the whites load is tedious.

There is some mystery in matching socks. There is some drama in fighting the static to get T-shirts folded straight. Getting things turned right side out can be frustrating. Putting things neatly into each person's laundry basket brings some satisfaction. But no one cheers you on... There is only the hum of the dryer and the slosh of the washer to keep you company while you fold.

Folding the whites load requires love.

We do these tedious things because we love each other. Only the most hopelessly obsessive would do laundry just for fun. We do it because it needs to be done. We do it because it is a service of love. We take care of it because it benefits our dear ones - and brings us joy in making sure they are not surprised by it.

Happy folding.


MomE said...

I read a book once that suggested praying for each person as you fold their socks. When I feel really grumbly about the whites I try to remember that idea. Many of my cyclical SAHM chores are labors of love!

Pastor D said...

What are SAHM chores?