Tuesday, December 9, 2008

How the Mighty are Fallen!

One day I'm feeling fine - able to work and play and plan. The next day I am achy and whiny and grouchy and tired - barely able to get out of my own way. What is it?

The common cold... a sinus infection... a runny nose... sinus headache... fever... and I'm done for.
How can a microscopic organism knock the stuffing out of a complex, intelligent being like me? My eyes are watering. My nose is threatening to drip. My sneezing is a wind shear danger to low flying aircraft.

Ow! I'm ready to be better now! Ow!


MomE said...

I suppose this is what happens when your family comes for a visit. We share germies with you. Sorry!

Pastor D said...

I think it is more what happens when the cold and flu season comes to visit and especially when you tend to shake hands with lots of people...