Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Athiests and Evolutionary Time

Atheists are emboldened by the success of the theory of evolution. But their success is in all in getting the theory promoted in the public domain - not in proving it true.

Evolutionists have never actually quantified life - much less produced it from non-living things. They have never shown any fossil record of transitional forms of life - life appears fully formed and complex. They have never shown an example of real evolution (one life form to another) - only of adaptation (a creature with slightly different features than its parents).

One of the biggest problems for them is the "Big Bang." When I was a kid those who were optimistic about evolution said that given infinite time and infinite chance life was sure to evolve. But it turns out that "infinite time" was not available. According to the Big Bang theory the universe is far too new for even the most optimistic estimates of time required for evolution of complex life (13.73 +/- 0.12 billion years back to the BB according to the Wikipedia article).

If you are going to evolve a human being from a single celled being - how many mutations will it take to get the billions of "good" changes you need to build this complex system? (We are simply ignoring the fact that any given being would soon be out of business if there were not a whole system of plant and animal life. That would increase the problem exponentially.)

There are 210 known human cell types and the human body has millions of cells. There are dozens of different systems within the body - each of which is necessary for maintaining life (whatever life is.)

So let us say, absurdly optimistically, that we need only one billion positive creature changing species enhancing mutations to get from the single cell to the complex human being. And let us use a very conservative estimate that such mutations occur once every 2000 years.

One billion X 2000 = 2000 billion years. Rats! 1986 billion years too many!
(Remember we only have about 14 billion years back to the Big Bang.)

OK - We will go to ludicrous optimism. Say such mutations happen every 1000 years.
one billion X 1000 = 1000 billion years = 986 billion years too many.

Throw caution to the wind! We have such positive mutations every 500 years!
one billion X 500 = 500 billion years. Still 486 billion years too many!

What can we do? Do what all good evolutionist must do! Work backwards to get your estimate.

If we only have 14 billion years it must take 14 billion years. That means it cannot take THAT many mutations and they must happen much more frequently than we supposed - against all empirical evidence and the 2nd law of thermodynamics!

14 billion years / 250 years per mutation = 56 million mutations
56 million mutations X 250 years per mutation = 14 billion years. See we did it!

Of course part of that 14 billion years would have been taken up in cooling the whole mess down to life supporting temperatures, etc. And how long before life would spring into being? And of course it is inconceivable that you can make just 56 million changes account for the dazzling complexity of a human being. And if mutation occurred that frequently we would expect there to be significant evolutionary differences between populations of people on earth today - but there aren't.

It just doesn't add up. It turns out the atheistic evolutionist has the greater faith.

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