Saturday, November 22, 2008


In the "old days" when David Andrew was in high school and Lola left for school at about 7:00, I used to make breakfast for us all and we would sit down together and eat before we took off in various directions. That was nice.

Now, Lola needs to leave for work at about 6:15 and David doesn't get up for work until about 7:30 on most days. I get up right after Lola at 5:00 and make her lunch while she showers and gets ready. When she comes downstairs I make her breakfast and sit and have coffee with her while she eats.

Lola leaves and I have about an hour for devotions before David gets up. Then I make his breakfast and sit and have coffee with him while he eats.

This is pretty much the routine for now. I don't know how long this will last - but it is nice in its own way. I get to have a nice private time with both my wife and my son before we all head off to work.

The routine lets me get good at the different breakfasts I cook... usually an English muffin and sausage patty for Lola and a 2 egg, 2 bacon and 2 toast breakfast for David. (I enjoy having the toaster pop and the microwave beep just when the eggs are ready to take off the griddle. Bing, Bang, Boom - and everything is ready. I love it when a plan comes together!)

The best thing is the conversation. We love each other and express that often. We talk about what we need to accomplish. We talk about schedules and events. We talk about difficulties and concerns. But mostly we communicate that we care about each other and what is going on in one another's lives. What could be better than this?

Maybe we will have oatmeal on Sunday?


MomE said...

I'll tell you what could be better....the wonderful phone calls from your daughter!!! You know, the hilarious ones about your granddaughter doing rotten things just like she did when she was little...and your grandson demanding sausage for breakfast! Man, you get married and move away and before you know it, you're not a part of the morning routine or conversation anymore! Ha ha ha ha!

Pastor D said...

I knew you wouldn't like it that you were not mentioned - but you have your own family and your own routine now. And that is just as it should be. I'm proud of you! (Mom says I should talk about the way you used to stuff a whole waffle into your mouth when you were a little girl.)

MomE said...

Now, that's just not nice! I love you guys! We can't wait to visit Gamma and Gumpa...and DAVE!