Friday, June 6, 2008


The weather has turned warm. Our backyard fishpond has cleared up so we can see the fish. The rain stopped so I could mow the lawn. This is Lola's last day of school!

It must be summer!

We've had a busy couple of weeks with lots of traveling between Canton and Caldwell. Last concerts for choir and band. Last Memorial Day parade. Last Band Banquet. Graduation!!!

Then there were wonderful, crowded, noisy, busy, too short visits from family. As Emma Joy would say, "I Wuz you. G'bye Emma!" Now they are all gone.

The air conditioner is running. There is a warm breeze blowing. The fountain in the pond is gurgling. Birds are singing.

You've gotta love laptops. Friday is my day off, so I've spent the morning on the back porch finishing up my notes for my Sunday sermon. Soon I will turn my attention to putting things in the house back in place and getting started on the projects that were put off during graduation and family visits.

If this is a sample of summer in Canton, I love it already.

Have a great day!

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