Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Anything Goes

Do you ever wonder what on earth could motivate people to do the crazy, ugly, self-destructive things they do? I am thinking especially of the almost daily shooting incidents where someone opens fire on strangers in a public place, then shoots himself.

Here is my analysis.

1. America (where almost all of these shootings occur) has moved from separation of church and state (freedom of religion) to separation of church from public life (freedom from religion).

2. Public education has mandated teaching the theory of evolution which theory exists solely for the purpose of suggesting ways that the complex world we observe might have come about apart from supernatural creation. (Too bad they don't give as much attention to teaching actual science - e.g., the second law of thermodynamics & the scientific method for debunking bad theories.)

3. Because several generations have now been indoctrinated with the idea that there is no God, that the creation does not suggest a God, and that God should be banned from public displays and public discourse, many people have obliged by believing it.

4. Since they don't believe there is a God or anything beyond their life in this present world, they believe that they are free from moral dictates and free from the fear of Divine judgment or punishment. They are, in their view, animals ("meat machines" according to Dawkins) living among other animals and operating according to their instincts for survival and procreation.

5. Unfortunately, that view is tremendously unsatisfying for many people. They want to be more significant than mere animals. They want transcendent meaning and purpose. The difficulties of this life and their own sense of right and wrong are absurd if there is no God.

6. I suspect that their reasoning goes something like this. "My life is not fulfilling. My existence is absurd. I want to end it all and go out with a splash that will make the news." Killing people is no more significant than stepping on ants. Since I am killing myself I don't have to fear human judges. Since there is no God, I don't have to fear eternal judgment."

The question is not what makes them do it. I think that is pretty clear. The bigger question is why more people don't do it. I suspect there are lingering doubts - echoes of some religious training or some inborn suspicion that there is a Creator and Judge.

Christians are called to be salt and light. We need to be doing that more and more. Tell the world - every man, woman and child - that the Creator is calling everyone everywhere to repent, turn to Him and find significance and everlasting life in Jesus Christ.

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MomEee said...

I hadn't quite developed my thoughts to this degree but I was thinking very much along these lines today. Our church has been dealing with some serious security issues lately and someone's car was broken into, etc. People are in a tizzy and agog that such things could happen in and around a church. My thoughts were much like yours in that "why not and why not more often?" There is no accountability outside of God. Scary--for a lot of reasons.