Tuesday, December 4, 2007

The Need To Rest

We are in the midst of our move to Canton and it is wearing me out!  Yesterday I worked outside all day - first cleaning up things from our outbuilding, then tearing an old utility trailer apart with a sledge and a crowbar.  (I guess I mostly beat it apart.)

After that, I loaded a ton of junk - pieces of wood, old notebooks, broken computers, etc. and took them to the transfer station.  Then I came back and loaded 29 lbs. of aluminum and 460 lbs. of other assorted metal pieces (mostly two really heavy pieces) and took them to the scrap yard. 

Believe it or not, but most of the time pastors don't get to spend much time doing heavy work outdoors in the cold.  I was frozen, chapped, covered in mud, and tired!  (It was like deer hunting - only without looking for deer.)

The point of this story is that I was so tired when I sat down...  My muscles ached.  I just wanted to rest.

And it felt good, too!  It feels good to get really tired.  It makes the rest that much more sweet! It feels good to be tired and to know that you got that way doing something that needed to be done.  It feels great to know that there will be a time for rest as well.

We are moving to Canton.  We are packing up everything.  We are tired and we have many questions that we haven't found answers to yet.  We also worry that we haven't even asked some of the important questions.  But Friday we load the truck and Saturday we go up to our new home.  Hopefully we will find more time to rest after that.

May God grant you both meaningful work and wonderful rest.

Pastor D

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