Thursday, December 13, 2007

Heavy Traffic

Now that I live in Canton I need to get used to the traffic.  This evening I drove up Whipple Ave. to Everhard Road, then across to South Main Street.  I was awed by the volume of traffic.  Four lanes full - backed up at the red lights - a steady stream of cars.

My first reaction was, "I don't like it."  It is busy, dangerous, frustrating and noisy.  But then, while I waited through four light changes to get my turn at the intersection at Everhard and South Main, I though it over.

I grew up fishing in a deep lake near my house that had many many fish.  I caught Bluegill, Perch, Pickerel and Large Mouth Bass.  It was a rare day that I didn't catch fish.  As an adult, however, I've fished in other deep lakes that didn't have so many fish and where I rarely caught any.  Now where would I rather fish?  You guessed it, no doubt.  I like fishing where there are plenty of fish to catch.

Jesus called His disciples to follow Him and told them they would become "fishers of men."

So I looked at that traffic streaming by and I thought, "Praise God for all these people. Surely God has put us in a place where there will be good fishing for men."

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