Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Why Moving Is Nasty!

Sorting through all of your accumulated stuff is nasty. You find things that you forgot you had and did very well without - but now that you have discovered it again you think you need it. You find out that you have more stuff than whole villages in some countries > and you are keeping most of it "just in case." Most of what you will move hasn't been used, touched or even seen in years.

Packing everything you own is nasty. You make the rounds of local businesses like a beggar - looking for suitable boxes. You wrap fragile things, box everything, label everything, stack everything. You feel like you are living in a warehouse.

Transporting everything is nasty. How do you find enough help - strong enough help - careful enough help? All of the furniture is at risk. Will the glass be broken? Will the wood be scratched? Will the hardware be lost? A move is inevitably hard on furniture - chairs and desks and tables and cabinets.

Figuring out where to put things in your new house is nasty. Upstairs or down? Kitchen or dining room? Basement or closet? Forget parking in the garage for three months after you move. The garage will be full of odds and ends of furniture, tools, and plastic containers.

Cleaning up the old place after you move out is nasty. It is always filthy under things that you haven't moved for a while. Pictures on the walls have left holes. Behind big cabinets and under the beds you will find dust and dirt and spiders. The stuff in the attic is always grimy.

Moving is a huge undertaking. Moving is dirty. Moving is overwhelming. Moving is painful. Moving is exhausting. Moving is nasty.

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