Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Starting Over

When you are about to hit the button that says, "Do you really want to delete this blog and all of it's posts?" you should check to make sure that you are on the right blog.

Oh, well! On to new blogs, I guess.

Starting over is good too.

I've accepted the call of Whipple Avenue Baptist Church of Canton Ohio. My last Sunday at New Harmony will be November 25th. I am excited by the new opportunities I will have. I am frightened by the new challenges. I am nostalgic about the years of ministry and life here in Noble County. I am sad about leaving people I love behind again.

But God will use it for good, I'm sure. He will stir me up and make me more what He wants me to be. He will work in the church here and make it more what He wants it to be. I certainly hope He plans to bless Whipple Ave. through my ministry there.

Onward and forward.

May God richly bless you.

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MomEeeee said...

I know that you will say that it is "all of God" but I want you to know that your attitude is really great. I'm so impressed and inspired by your love for those you're leaving and those you're joining. You make me proud! I love you Dad!